An Artistic Journey with Won Seok Lim

Interviewer Michael Pink

The acclaimed writer D. H. Lawrence once observed that the creative and spontaneous soul has promptings of desire which are the duty of the artist to express. What truly fascinates about the artist is the story and impulse behind the canvas creation.

Korean-Canadian artist, Won Seok Lim, is a multitalented, expressive and sensitive artist who embodies images of refreshing originality and meaning in his modern work. His new show, See Them Everywhere is currently on display at the noted Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Beatus.

These works feature brilliant and evocative images, some obscured, some more clear of the iconic equine figure. This revered and classic animal is depicted in both shapes and drawings. Some of the painting are striking and clear images of the equine, itself a symbol of power and beauty, while other paintings in this remarkable collection have the equine images obscured in subtle and creative ways.

Throughout history, the equine has featured prominently in poetry, art, literature and storytelling. One of the messages that emerges from this artistic display is that the figure of the equine, so powerful and eternal, is present in so much of life, in both overt and subtle ways.

Seok Lim loves to explore the artistic journey and the very idea of creativity. “In my mind, I was often pursuing meaning in my work,” recalls Seok Lim. “Then I decided to paint with no thought process – just freestyle. This was impossible.”

“In my journey, sometimes I demanded answers but this was too forced, and not spontaneous and you have to allow for creative and spontaneous thought.” “This is a lot like life”, surmises Seok Lim. “There are no clear answers and we do not always get a sign. We have to demand the sign from ourselves. Everything in the universe can be a sign. It is up to us.”

Seok Lim believes that art is very personal and through his questioning and experimentation he has seemingly arrived at a balance of expression in his work that combines order with spontaneity, the true spark of creativity.

The result is surely impressive because, See Them Everywhere, is a powerful and evocative body of work that captures iconic symbols and meanings.

For Seok Lim, horses represent an act of faith, and allude to the title of his show, since faith truly surrounds us and is indeed, everywhere.

© 2008 Michael Pink