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Who's Bad: A Michael Jackson Tribute

Dates and Venue 12 Oct 2009 @ 8pm at Red Robinson Show Theatre (Coquitlam) & 13 Oct 2009 @ 8pm at River Rock Show Theatre (Richmond)

Lead vocals Joseph Bell, Taalib York Band Patrick Cross (guitar), Darion Alexander (bass), Vamsi Tadepalli (saxophone), Ray McCall (trumpet), Nyk Baglio (drums)

Reviewer Ed Farolan

The band's name"Who's Bad" comes from the Michael Jackson hit "Bad", and they got the audience rocking at the River Rock Show Theatre. Young and old flooded down towards the stage to dance and sing with "Michael Jackson", and the performers did exactly what MJ did in his concerts: mix with them, come down and engage himself with the audience, get them standing and clapping. This was indeed a "happening".

Although for the older members of the audience, the music was too loud, (the elderly couple beside me walked out after the third song), the younger ones were enjoying themselves. The tribute included songs from three decades of Jackson's hits including "Billie Jean", "Bad", "Thriller", "Black Or White", and many others.

I was most impressed by the dancing prowess of Taalib York who alternated with Joe Bell as Michael Jackson. The light effects from strobe to spots were fabulous. Looking at the silouette of York with the lights from the back, you'd think he was MJ reincarnated.

The band gave the audience what they wanted. There was even tribute pictures flashed on both screens of the theatre as we hear the real Michael Jackson talk of peace and love, followed by a recording of him singing when he first got popular as a child.

The band was fantastic. Two band members even simulated a quarrel between themselves and Jackson would intervene and stop the fight. Patrick Cross on guitar was really good, as he did his routine and titillated the young folks who were standing in front of the stage with his instrument.

It was an experience for someone who'd never seen an actual concert of Michael Jackson, and one could see in this tribute why this boy-man was so popular in his lifetime. ..

© 2009 Ed Farolan