Vancouver International Film Festival & Vancouver Film + TV Forum

Dates and Venues 26 September - 11 October 2013 | Various cinemas in downtown Vancouver

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon


Chile/Spain 2012, 109 min, Director: Sebastian Lelio

Showtime Oct 6 at 3:15pm & Oct 9, at 6:30pm in The Centre for Performing Arts

Gloria is a lonely, love-starved. older divorcee living in Santiago, Chile. She tries her luck in a singles club where single seniors look for love. Gloria is also a doting grandmother and close to her family. This Sunday’s screening is a tribute to Waldo Brino, a leader in celebrating Chilean culture in Vancouver.

Pauline Garcia, (Gloria) is a good actress but the storyline did not present us with anything brilliant or unique. This screening of Gloria was very slow and rather boring. The life of Gloria could have been any ordinary person’s story who decides to be a little more risqué. Other than blasting her ex beau with a paint ball gun there were really no surprises. She may have hit the bedroom for sex more often than most seniors and do we really have to see another sex scene to fill in? Where is the story? Gloria’a risqué life style results in her waking up on the beach with one shoe the next morning following a fling she met in a casino

The best part was the ending. An excellent choice of music here and no I will not tell you how it ends. Santiago is a beautiful city and some great cinematography could have added much to the film.

© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon