PAHELI (Riddle)

Dates and Venue Thursday, 28 September 3:00 pm Empire Granville 7 Theatre 1; Friday, 6 October 9:00 pm; Empire Granville 7 Theatre 4 Wednesday, 11 October 3:00 pm Empire Granville 7 Theatre 1

A Film by Amol Pelekar

Amol Pelekar's film, Paheli, as re-told by Vijaydan Dethan is a tale of passion. Based on Davidha, a Rajasthani folktale its main theme is the passion between Lachchi (Rani Mukherjee) and Kishan (Shah Rukh Khan).

Kishan's passion for accumulating wealth causes him to ignore his beautiful, willing bride on their wedding night. The next morning, he leaves to pursue more money. However, a spirit has fallen in love with Lachchi. He transforms himself into Kishan's image and the love affair begins. Passion is shown in the poetry, songs, and dances as they thread through the film. The vibrant costumes and exquisite locales add to the lush visual impact. Five years pass and the real Kishan returns. Unable to tell the two images apart, the avaricious father seeks advice from a wise old shepherd (Amitabh Bachchan) living in the desert.

This is a traditional love story which concludes happily as the spirit slips into the form of Kishan and vows, as he has done throughout the story, that he will never leave Lachchi.


A film by Claude Chabrol

Dates and Venues Friday, 29 September 4:00 pm Empire Granville Theatre 7; Sunday, 1 October 1:00 pm Ridge Theatre; Tuesday, 10 October 6:40 pm Empire Granville 7 Theatre 3

By definition, comedy is "dealing with the serious in a satirical manner". In their seventh collaboration, Claud Chabrol directs Isabelle Huppert in a tale of corporate greed. Based on a true case in France, Judge Jeanne Charmont-Killman (Huppert) is a powerful examining magistrate determined to root out and destroy the power brokers of an oil company.

The plot takes many twists and turns. Huppert subpoenas people at will, searches premises, seizes files, and attempts to find evidence that is strong enough to bring down the most powerful men. However, politicians, police, and businessmen share an accepted code of conduct.

Nephew Felix (Thomas Chabrol) offers comic relief and insights as he strolls through life with a lack of ambition. The film ends with the bad guys winning and workaholic, seeker of justice, Jeanne, is fired.

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