Carousel Theatre Company

Toronto at Dreamer's Rock

Written by Drew Hayden Taylor

Directed by Donna Spencer

Waterfront Theatre

Granville Island

February 7th – February 27th


by Frank Scott

Carousel Theatre Company's production of Toronto at Dreamers Rock by Award winning Playwright Drew Hayden Taylor, sends a message to all youth…choose your path, face its challenges, and you will find your Place of Dreams.

Drew Hayden Taylor keenly uses humorous dialogue to tell his story of Rusty, a modern day native youth. As Rusty begins his vision quest journey, spirits from both the past and future collide with his world, forcing him to confront his inner conflicts and face his world. This universally appealing story is an honest exploration of the issues that face all young people.

Donna Spencer's direction is straightforward and to the point. She clearly gets the message across in the same unassuming way the play is written.

Herbie Barnes, a polished young performer, plays the part of Rusty with gusto and character. He relishes all the fine humourous dialogue, quickly wins over his audience and carries the play from start to finish.

Darrell Dennis, who plays Keesic, (the spirit from the past) also added poignant moments. Stuart Pierre who plays Michael (the spirit from the future) however, seemed out of sync and lacked the inner life of his character. His costume, a cross between Robin Hood and The Jetsons, also acted as a detraction from his believability.

Douglas Welch (Set Designer) and Ted Roberts (Lighting Designer) both worked wonders with the set; a simple rock hilltop that at times became magical with spirits, life, and a place where dreams happen.

Copyright 1998 Frank C. Scott