Vancouver East Cultural Center

Songs For Soul…An evening of Inspiration and Music.

by Frank Scott

On April 5th a group of people gathered at the Cultch. The group consisted of musicians, singers, a poet, and a dancer. They came from all over North America to put on one performance, and all for free; there was no admission at the door. This gesture alone is an inspiration in itself, which was what this group was all about.

The group of people, were all members of ECKANKAR Canada, an organization dedicated to spirituality and the teachings Sri Harold Klemp. Songs For Soul, the name used to bill the loosely organized event, had two highlights throughout the evening: a group called Permanent Wave, and musician- singer; Joe Pascual, with his Ensemble.

Permanent Wave, a trio of capella singers, reminiscent of The Andrew  Sisters, was simply marvelous with their harmonies. Hats off to Rainie Hepple, DeeDee Rhodes, and Sue Brook. …Keep doing your stuff; you truly are an inspiration!

Joe Pascual, with his ensemble of musicians was the other highlight of the night. Joe's polished voice, mixed with some slick musical arrangements, entertained all. I wasn't surprised to learn that Joe is also an aspiring actor cashing in on the many television productions around town. The way I see it Joe…if The X-Files still want your many talents, they now have to buy you a plane ticket to Hollywood. I'm sure you could handle that.


Copyright 1998 Frank Scott