Ford Centre for the Performing Arts

Livent Inc.

Slava's Snowshow

Conceived by Slava Polunin

Directed by Victor Kramer


March 3rd –March 15th


Slava's Snowshow is Simply Magnificent…a Masterpiece!

by Frank Scott

Slava Polunin and his troupe pick up where the other great clowns and mimes of the century left off…Surely, Marcel Marceau, Chaplin, Buster Keaton, are all rolling in their graves with laughter. Like all good clowns, Slava is a master at creating space and mood. In his world even the slightest gesture or movement can be awe-inspiring. He beautifully mixes comedy and surrealism, and sometimes the bizarre and macabre. His world of imagery never stops, one thing just blends into the next. He not only enters a train; he becomes the train. The storm within him from tearing up a love letter becomes a raging snowstorm that fills the entire auditorium. His dream-like logic could lift the child out of the most staunchest of people. At times the entire auditorium rippled with spontaneous laughter.

Snowshow will also dazzle you with its special effects; cobwebs, snowstorms, giant balloons, will all magically become involved with the audience. Be prepared to take part in and to share in: the beautiful dreamworld of Slava.

Slava Polunin is acknowledged as one the greatest living clowns of our day. A native of Russia, he was born in the village of Orel, in 1950, and first studied mime and clown in Lenningrad at the age of 17. In 1979 he formed his own clown theatre company, and in the early 1980's founded the Theatre of the Art of Modern Clowning. Snowshow was first created in 1993 and since then has won six awards and traveled around the world pleasing children of all ages, from one to ninety –two.



Copyright 1998 Frank Scott