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Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Performers: Rae Armour, Beverly Elliott, Linda Kidder, and Meg Tennant

Date 23 September 2006 Venue Shadbolt Centre, Burnaby

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Who da....are these women? was the first question that entered my mind when I came to see this concert. I found out that these are four independent recording artists who decided to come together. after years of solo careers.

They're funny and entertaining. They sing all kinds of songs: folk songs, country songs, songs that reminded me of Joan Baez and those hippy years. Even songs a capella!

I enjoyed the VISA song sang by Kidder, a satire of a woman who had to buy something even though she didn't have any money. It was sung in the Calypso style (with the Jamaican accent), and those old credit card machines were used by the other three for percussion.

'Tennant was the more lyrical one, with her original composition Buddy's Back - -Buddy who coulda've been her husband as she sang of his footsteps in the beach returning to hopefully give her the diamond ring.

The really funny one that got the audience howling was the song about being fat sung by Elliott. She made a few quips asking who in the audience were overweight, and a few cheered and raised their hands. She sang about the thin bitch who wouldn't comment whether she lost a pound or two.

The group felt comfortable with the audience, and the audience, likewise. The hour and a half concert (with an intermission in between) was a delightful and entertaining one. CDs of their recordings were on sale.

© 2006 Ed Farolan