Delhi in a DayDelhi in a Day

India, 2011, dir. Prashant Nair, 88 mins..

Delhi in a Day is an engaging film from Prashant Nair that chronicles the events that takes place over a day, after it is suspected that the servants have stolen from the rich, upper class family that they serve.  One of the highlights of this movie, is the clever way in which the class differences are portrayed, by showing how each handles looking for the missing money.  However, there was certain predictability for me, in terms of how this was all going to end.  There were no twists or turns thrown in for fun.  The performances, particularly from Anjali Patil, was a delight to watch.



Color ofSkyColor of Sky

India, 2012. Director: Dr. Biju, 117 mins..

A beautifully crafted movie filmed in a remote location in the Bay of Bengal, about a man who walked on to an old man’s boat to rob him, and ending up being taken to the old man’s home on a secluded island.   On a deeper level, this is a story about man, nature and trust.  I loved the unique story line and the slow unfolding of the story and the characters.  The pace was perfect for me, slow, like how a vacation on an island should be.   There was little dialogue, but much tension and emotion being conveyed in the performances as the thief struggled with being stuck on an island.  This was a movie I could truly settle into, watching the tide come in, feeling the effect of the beautiful scenery on me.   I walked out of this movie feeling excited about life and connection – this is the best that a movie can offer me.