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Interview: RYAN MOONEY

Interviewer Ed Farolan

The Vancouver theatre scene is growing by leaps and bounds with new directors and actors. In a few years, I predict we'll not only be Hollywood North but also Broadway North. One up and coming director is Ryan Mooney who is Artistic Director of Fight Chance Production Company, and he is now preparing the musical production of Sondheim's Side by Side, opening on 21 August.

Tell me, Ryan, why did you start Fight Chance Production Company?

Basically Fighting Chance was born out of the desire to give opportunities to younger (and older) performers, directors, musical directors and other theatre folks a chance to try on different hats. For example, Iain Stewart - an up and coming musical performer will have the opportunity to try his hand as one of our two musical directors for the upcoming Side by Side.

How did you get involved in theatre, and what plans you have in the future as actor/director/producer?

I have been in love with the theatre since I was three years old. I went to a pre-school daycare that would do a Christmas pageant every year -- since then I was hooked. I got involved with choir, dance classes, and most often - acting classes throughout my elementary and high school years. As for future plans, I am not sure, but I know that there is no way that I will ever not want to be involved in the theatre, even if it's just as an audience member.

Could you tell me something about your personal life?

My parents are very supportive of my theatrical endeavours although nobody seems to know where I got the love from. My mother is a legal secretary, and the only dabbling she ever did was in a high school choir. My father is a longshoreman and while he can tell a good story he certainly never spent anytime upon the stage.

Since you can't make a living for now with Theatre, what do you do to pay your bills?

I work two jobs -- one with the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver and the other with a transportation company.

What do you think of the theatre scene in Vancouver?

I think the theatre scene in Vancouver is great - and growing, which is the most exciting. While I love what a lot of the bigger companies do in town I am consistantly amazed with the work of a lot of the smaller groups who take huge risks in the work that they present -- I hope Fighting Chance can follow in some of their footsteps.

Are you happy with what you've accomplished?

Very - but I know it would not have been possible without the unbelievable support of friends and colleagues.

Is there anything else you'd like to add about anything, theatre, yourself, or otherwise?

I just think it's important that we all continue to support and promote each other's work.

© 2007 Ed Farolan