Women in Film & Television: Martini Madness 2009

Date and Venue 30 September 2009 | The Edge Social Grille & Lounge

Reviewers Susan Peake and Nila Gopaul

Once again, Women in Film and Television hosted the fabulous Martini Madness to kick off the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival. The 11th annual party was held at The Edge Social Grille & Lounge for the first time, and the venue was well suited for the event.

The Edge is chic and modern, and was abuzz with industry people exchanging cards and making connections. The entrance to The Edge had a very "Hollywood" feel, replete with red carpet and bling.

The cocktail sponsors, Absolut Vodka and Red Truck Beer supplied a free martini (cosmopolitan) or beer for each attendee - a nice touch that was certainly enjoyed by those who attended.

Live entertainment was interspersed with DJ Lisa Delux. At times it was a challenge to hear the music over the vibrant chatter and laughter. All aspects of the industry were represented, from actors, to distributors, to techies. What was particularly refreshing, was the unpretentious feel of the event. If you were anyone in the industry you talked to everyone in the industry.

CTV's Rob Hardy gave all a warm welcome and emphasized the connection with Creative Women Workshops Association, which encourages mid-career development. Eileen Hoeter, the past President and founder of WIFTV was also there to offer her valuable experience. At this uber female event, one would find it hard to believe that Hollywood is still an old boys' network. Yet, only two per cent of directors are women. Hoeter's advice: "Women need to negotiate more. We are overskilled."

This event is always inspiring with palatible positive energy. If the future of women in film and TV were to be judged by the excitement and buzz that surrounds Martini Madness, I think women in film and TV have lots to look forward to.

© 2009 Susan Peake/Nila Gopaul