MANIAC by John Murphy

Date and Venue 1-4 April @ 8 pm Shadbolt Centre for the Arts (Burnaby)

Reviewer Ed Farolan

What a crazy show! Boy, this John Murphy is funny. Pity that there were only a handful of people watching the show last Friday night. A lot of competition with other shows, I guess, on a Friday evening. Or is it because you scared off a lot of people with your "politically incorrect" ad which was aired in blogs, facebooks, tags all over the the world?

Directed by Jonathan Ryder, this one-man sketch was indeed an extravaganza and although it was advertised as "not for the faint of heart" because of such topics that were aired as "a pep talk for starving Africans, infants with the blues, death to smiling people, pornographic horse racing, the inner workings of Charlton Heston’s mind, blood suckers, God playing dice, cross-dressing performance poetry and retards in love", I felt that there was nothing politically incorrect about this show and perhaps the warning sign: "the politically correct will be shot" should have been better put as "the politically correct will find this hilarious".

Because hilarious indeed was his 52-minute, non-stop laughing performance with quick costume changes from baby diapers to acid rockers, rap rockers, gays, airplane pilots and passengers, ushers who warn you at the beginning of the show no to eat candies and the use of cell phones or you'll be taken out of the theatre and shot -- all this and more makes this one of the best one-man shows I've seen in years.

. © 2009 Ed Farolan