Dates and Venue 10– 12 April 2008 @ 8 pm | The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby Tickets Call 604.205.3000 or email boxoffice@burnaby.ca

Reviewer Ed Farolan

If you like Shakespeare, this show will entertain you. Likewise, if you watch The Simpsons on TV, you'll enjoy this show. If you don't, you'll still be laughing with the talents of Rick Miller.

He is not only an excellent impersonator, he also is a puppeteer and a creative adaptor of multi-media.This one-man vocal spectacular features impressions of voices from The Simpsons in a hilarious one hour and fifteen minutes of storytelling Shakespeare's MacBeth.

With a screen in the background, depicting the characters of the TV series playing different roles (check his website to see a preview), Miller does his impressions of Macbeth (Homer), Lady Macbeth (Marge Simpson) , King Duncan (Charles Burns), Banquo (Waylon Smithers?) and others. You'd swear you were hearing these characters through Miller. Sometimes he would move like Jim Carey, contort his face like this comic movie star, and all of a sudden, you see Jim Carey as Macbeth.

He also has a camera positioned in a lectern, so that when he would look down, as though reading a speech, the camera would catch his face as he does another scene through this medium. Lights and sounds were also well-timed, and if they weren't he'd make a joke about it to the audience's delight.

This imaginatively staged version of the tragedy is both educational and entertaining. And it is a show that caters to all ages, backgrounds, and languages. The show has toured the world to rave reviews and awards in Scotland, England, Australia, and New Zealand

The Macbeth presentation took about an hour, and the encore to Miller's performance was even better: The Most Annoying Songs. In this 10 minute encore, he mimics more than 30 singers, including Mick Jagger, Neil Diamlond, Johnny Cash, Bono, Bon Jovi, Chuck Berry, and others.

Go and check it out. He's at Shadbolt till the 12th and then he moves on to other Canadian cities..

2008 Ed Farolan