Momentum Youth Arts Movement
Hey Ocean!

Dates and Venue 1 – 3 November 2013, 7:30pm | Massey Theatre, 735 8th Avenue, New Westminster

Hey Ocean’s musicians Ashleigh Ball - vocals & flute, David Beckingham - vocals & guitar, Dave Vertesi - vocals & bass

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

There we were, the old fogies in this youthful and energetic audience. In the first half of the performance we listen to two local bands. It is wonderful to see ambitious musicians and singers barely out of high school performing so well. They will undoubtedly ripen into wonderful performers with practice and experience under their belts. Derrival, a five piece band from Langley was chosen to play at this year’s Squamish Valley Music festival.

After intermission there is tremendous emotion and great anticipation to see the feature band that many came to see. As Hey Ocean take the stage the audience cheers and shows great appreciation for this professional and talented band.

Many members of the audience leave their seats to move closer to the band and onto the dance floor area. There is a real connection with the audience as Ashleigh Ball invites the audience to sing along which results in great sound. Ball has a smooth voice, charismatic style and not only great range but she proves her ability to hold a high note for a sizeable length of time. She is a solid professional.

Beckingham and Vertesi have strong voices and the three vocalists and their drummer make fine music together. Hey Ocean has been nominated in the Breakthrough Group of the Year category for the Juno Awards of 2013. Their songs were varied, refreshing and were definitely the highlight of the evening.

The only negative issues during tonight’s performance with Hey Ocean were the blinding lights into the faces of the audience. They should not have been focused in our eyes for such an extended length of time.

It is a successful evening and as we leave the young audience is still dancing to the great sound of Hey Ocean.

© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon