fetele Festival d'été francophone de Vancouver

Dates and Venue 19 - 26 June 2014 | 7th Avenue West, between Granville and Fir

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Jocelyne Baribeau plays two roles in the 25th anniversary of the Festival d'été. First, as herself playing with her band, and second, as Madame Diva for the children. She is very comfortable both with adults when she did her concert on June 20th and again with children 3-5 at the Norman Rothstein Theatre on June 23rd. This singer from Manitoba has been successfully appearing in shows as Madame Diva for over ten years. A specialist in music for young children, she invites young and older children to discover her congenial world of entertaining melodies and thoughtful lyrics, accompanied on stage by three musicians.

I took my granddaughter who is in Grade I French Immersion because the teachers have been on strike. She seemed to understand the program more than I did. When I asked her, "Do you know what Madame Diva is saying?" And she quickly answered, "Of course." Just shows how badly I've lost my French. .

In her June 20th concert, she was herself, dressed in cowboy boots, looking like a Country Western singer, but her songs were multi-faceted, sometimes sad, sometimes comic, mostly folk-type and jazzy songs.

feteThe second part of the program was a group called Indigo Joseph from Regina, Saskatchewan. For a senior like myself, I found this music loud and rowdy. This kind of music would have been to my liking 50 years ago, but now, like any ol' foggy, it's noise. I must admit, though, that it's a good group and they've performed in a number of music festivals.

The Festival d'été continues till the 26th. For more info, check out their website at www.lecentreculturel.com or call 604.736.9806.

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