Fab Four Music by The Beatles

Date and Venue 23 Nov 2008 @ 7.30 pm; | Red Robonson Theatre, Coquitlam

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Not only did these four have The Beatles down pat, they even looked, spoke and sang like The Beatles. No wonder they call themselves Fab, I guess, meaning Fabulous. It was indeed a fabulous show. Even Ed Sullivan, or the actor playing Ed Sullivan, was just like him. I didn't catch his name, but he was mentioned asbeing one of the actors in the movie Pulp Fiction.

The first half of the show got The Beatles in 1965 with their beatle haircuts. There were around 14 songs sung here, the ones that got this group going in popularity: "I wanna Hold Your Hand", "All My Loving". "Hard Day's Night", "Yesterday" (a solo by Paul McArtney played by Ardy Sarraff), and "Money Can't Buy Me Love", among others.

In the second half, they changed to their Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club costumes, and this was the 1967 era of the hippies and drugs. Tunes like "Strawberry Fields" and "Yellow Submarine" were sung in this portion of the show. A moving song was John Lennon's "Imagine", sang beautifully by Ron McNeil. "Revolution" and "Here Comes a Song" were compositions by George Harrison portrayed by Michael Amador. Finally, Ringo Starr played by Rolo Sandoval had his turn with his sol, but always the butt of jokes, Paul commented "This is the last time he's doing a solo". In this section of the show, McArtney sang another Beattles classic, "Hey Jude".

The group has been touring all over the world, and if you have a chance to catch them, it's worth the money you're paying for. They are just fabulous impersonators, and talented singers as well as musicians. Check their website thefabfour.com to get more info on their upcoming shows.


© 2008 Ed Farolan