Interview with Dmitri Kubyshkin

Reviewer RM Pink

Dmitri Kubyshkin is a multi talented and wide ranging piano artist and it is fitting that he ventured from Kiev to Canada to spread his music.Born in Kiev, he graduated from the famous National Academy of Music in Kiev.

"I love everything about piano. My favorite composers are Bach and Beethoven," says Kubyshkin enthusiastically. His new CD, entitled, Playback Time, is a rich collection of electronic paino music. Impressively, Kubyshkin also wrote each song.

"This new CD is my life expressed through sound. Each piece has some history. One song is dedicated to the music group, ABBA, another to the European city of Monacco."

Playback Time is a collection of beautiful songs all with an electronic piano sound. "I can realize all my fantasies through  electronic music," says Kubyshkin.

For fans and students, Dmitri Kubyshkin is a talented artist who brings feeling and music to life in memorable ways.

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