Paquin Entertainment Presents

The Big Comfy Couch: Molly’s Fool Moon Festival

Date18 February 2007 @ 1 pm Venue The Bell Centre for Performing Arts, Surrey

Reviewer Heidi Hoff

Imagine being four-years-old and watching your favourite television characters come to life on a giant stage right in front of you. Pint-sized fans of the popular show, The Big Comfy Couch are in for a treat as the whole gang from the show sings, dances and entertains them at a geared-down appropriate pace that holds a pre-schooler’s attention span just long enough.

Molly’s Fool Moon Festival is an hour long, easy to follow performance. Loony Loonette can’t get the steps right for a dance she is practicing for the festival. Molly The Doll can’t concentrate, and Major Bedhead doesn’t even have enough energy to ride his unicycle.

Granny Garbanzo comes to the rescue with her Gah-Loppy No More Floppy Clown Bouncy Bars, and with one bite, everyone is energized. The underlying theme of the importance of eating a proper breakfast is hammered home in light-hearted Couch style.

Adult volunteers, much to the dismay of the young audience, were called to the stage to help with a juggling segment during the Fool Moon Festival. Snicklefritz The Cat makes his appearance in the second act and proves to be on par with Loonette as the most popular cast member. New characters like Mr Tasty and The Coconut Twins rounded out the cast and provided continued energy on stage.

If you’re looking for an easy afternoon of entertainment, check out The Big Comfy Couch Live and watch your pre-schooler’s eyes light up with delight. Check Paquin Entertainmentor more dates across Canada

© 2007 Heidi Hoff