Dates and Venue January 29 – March 12, 2017 @ 7.30pm. Extra 2pm shows on Sat (2pm matinee on Sundays – no evening show) | Under the White Big Top at Olympic Village

Reviewer Ed Farolan

What a show! This exciting equestrian extravaganza was a big wow for the opening night audience last January 31st! You could hear the ooohs and aaahs from young and old alike as acrobats, dancers, aerial artists together with magnificent horses and live music celebrated in magic and dreamlike fashion this fabulous spectacle. This is a show that "surpasses the world's greatest shows," according to Larry King.

Critics across North America and Europe have raved over this show which was envisioned and created by Normand Latourelle who co-founded Cirque du Soleil in 1985.Cavalia is a tribute to horses and a celebration of the relationship that humans and horses have shared together.

Throughout the programme, we see the history of how humans have related to horses, from the beginning of indigenous times, to the medieval and renaissance periods, up till today. We also see all peoples participating, from the Terracotta warriors in China, to the Spanish El Cid period, and of course, the Arabians where those beautiful Arabian horses came from.

The programme started with what seemed like Ricardo Guiraldes' Don Segundo Sombra, a setting in the pampas, where the Argentinian gauchos would relate to their horses of different kinds. Following this were acrobats of African extraction wowing the crowd with their acrobatics. Then there was the Roman Riding with the Faeries, and finally, The Carosello, a merry-go-round that comes down from above.

But what really got the audience was the climax of the show: the stage is inundated with 150,000 litres of recycled water resulting in a lake where the horses, riders and artists frolic about, leaving us the audience in utter astonishment!

Indeed this was more than just a Three Ring Circus the way I knew it as a child. With modern technology, sounds, lights and special effects, shows like this, the modern circus, have evolved into high tech dreamlike spectacles.

The show has been extended here in Vancouver until March 5th. For as little as $44.50, this show is worth more than the asking price. For more info and comments on this show, check the following sites:, or


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