James Campbell – Comedy 4 Kids

Date and Venue 26 January 2007, 10 am & 27 January 2007, 10 am & 12 pm @ Vancouver East Cultural Centre

Reviewer Heidi Hoff

James Campbell is one funny dude. Claiming the title as the world’s only stand-up comedian for kids is not the easiest status to achieve, especially when your target audience is made up of six to twelve year olds.

From his hilarious opening announcement, announcing himself, Campbell had the audience’s rapt attention. Without wasting any time, Campbell launched into a segment about having cows as pets. As he discussed the pros and cons of cow ownership he dipped into the audience for anecdotes and to examine a little girl’s furry boots, never missing a beat in his ode to bovines.

Campbell must have a Master’s degree in child humour because he knows exactly what topics trip their funny bones. Bathroom humour, pets, imaginary trips to outer space, and school antics are all covered in depth and delivered with a delightfully light British accent and kooky facial expressions. Kids aren’t the only ones who find Campbell funny; his act is sprinkled with enough cleverly disguised entendres for adults too. In fact, I thought the lady next to me was going to fall off her chair a few times.

A quick wit is required if one is going to subject himself to the wrath of a young audience, and Campbell easily handled a pint-sized heckler, proving that you don’t mess with a professional. His ten-year career as a children’s entertainer, writer, and recording artist has lead him to develop The Comedy Club for Kids to train others on how to provide quality entertainment for children -- with no swearing, of course. Campbell is perhaps best known for his book, the Onomatopoeia Society. After his shows, he is always available to autograph copies of his CD’s for his fans.

Step into the wacky world of James Campbell. It is a journey you and your children are sure to enjoy.

© 2007 Heidi Hoff