2020 Chutzpah! Festival
Iris Bahr – Interactive Comedy

When & Where November 22,2020, Noon | Live streamed from Los Angeles, California

Reviewer John Jane

Born in The Bronx, New York, but now based in Los Angeles, Iris Bahr is an award-winning writer, actor, director, producer and podcast host. On Thursday evening, she was joined by around sixty guests on a ZOOM video conference.

Most of us will know this versatile comedian from such diverse characters as Rachel on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Talia from The Brink, Amy from Larry the Cable Guy, and of course, Svetlana from the her own TV series. However this show is something completely different. In an hour long interactive mix of comedy, gabfest and therapy session, Bahr chatted, teased and provoked members of a virtual audience that freely un-muted – all in real time – and with good-natured sarcasm.

I was surprised that not only how culturally varied her audience were but also geographically disparate. Due to the ongoing Chutzpah! Festival, it’s fair to say the majority of attendees were from here in Vancouver, but there were others from New York, Boston and elsewhere.

Entirely unscripted, Bahr assumes about half dozen characters, some borrowed from her solo 11-character show DAI (Enough) featured in last year’s Chutzpah! Festival. A couple of her characters only appear as part of a commercial break that provides the opportunity for her to switch personas.

ZOOM offers the ability to see all other participants, so I noticed that just about everyone who had joined the ‘conference’ at the beginning, were still there at the end.

© 2020 John Jane