Ophira Eisenberg

When & Where November 10, 2021, at 7pm | The Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre, also Live Stream on Demand

Reviewer Christian Steckler

If we’re lucky, we’re coming out of COVID, but who knows if another wave will hit us? It is a spirit-lifting experience to be released from restrictions, and get back to our normal activities, which for the more fortunate of us, includes attending entertainment and cultural events. How wonderful, therefore, for the Chutzpah! Festival to be back in action with live performances, along with the sensitive inclusion of on-line streaming of events!

An evening of comedy was a highlight on November 10, featuring Ophira Eisenberg, a Canadian living in New York, selected as one of the top ten people who funny people find funny. And she is. In spades!

An opening act featured New Zealander Sophia Johnson, who warmed up the audience with her high-energy stories of family, relationships and impressions. There was lots of loud laughter. Apparently she finds Justin Trudeau “so hot,” with the proviso that he does the thing where he doesn’t talk. Uproarious laughter and applause with that one!

With the audience ready for more, Ophira Eisenberg entered the stage, and enthralled the crowd with smoothly transitioned stories that included the idea of freedom, rules (and how Canadians seem to love them), being Jewish in New York (where pretty much anyone is more Jewish that Jews moving in), being a mom late in life, Covid, of course, and whether aging can label us “sufficiently sexy” or “reliably hot”… all, of course, interjected with references to her visits with her therapist. Her all-too-short performance was a constant run of smiles, chuckles and laughing out loud.

What an evening it was! Look up the menu of events included in this year’s Chutzpah! Festival. You’re sure to find something that will bring you fun, entertainment, reflection or added meaning to your life.

© 2021 Christian Steckler