Arts Club Theatre Company

The Foursome

By Norm Foster

Directed by Bill Millerd

Stanley Theatre

May 4th – June 24th

Box Office: 687-1644 or ticket Master: 280-3311

Strong Cast Keeps Putting Along!

By Frank C. Scott

If you’re looking for an evening of mild, light entertainment put The Foursome on your score card. Strong performances by cast members Jackson Davies (Rick), Stephen Dimopoulos (Ted), Mark Weatherley (Donnie), and Andrew Wheeler (Cameron), was what made this play enjoyable. Polished comedic timing and the ability to go for the laugh was what kept this play moving along.

Written by Norm Foster, The Foursome tells the tale of four college buddies in a class reunion. The morning after, the boys meet for a round of golf. Twenty years has passed since graduation, and a lot has happened: lives have moved on, there’s lots to talk about, lots to catch up on, and 18 holes of golf to bet money on.

We enter into a "guy land" as the ol' boys banter back and forth with their college tales and dirty little secrets. Rick is hustling the round of golf, still bionking an old college flame, and has never really settled down. Donnie is a happily married father of five contemplating both a vasectomy and how to swing a golf club. Cameron is a worrywart, bored with both work and home, but thrilled to discover that all the guys porked his wife before he did. Ted has recently turned to Buddhism to calm his nerve ends. He’s also sterile, his dad is an alcoholic, and he’s cracking open beers at 7 am.

In a nutshell, that’s the story. The ending leaves us with nothing more than two hours of guy talk and a few chuckles. All this is played out on a piece of Astroturf in eighteen different scenes. Projections of blue-sky vistas along with maps of each hole showing advertising for local golf clubs acted as a backdrop.

If it were not for strong comedic cast members, (all of them have credits on stage and screen longer than the rules of golf), I’m afraid that The Foursome would have missed the cut.