Compagnie Marie Chouinard

24 Preludes by Chopin and A World to Shout

Compagnie Marie Chouinard has to be seen to be believed. This modern ballet company is breathtaking in its technique and its amazing physical discipline and control. The choreography by Marie Chouinard is imaginative, beautiful and at times, witty and humourous.

The programme notes inform us that "in the alphabet of Marie Chouinard, everything responds as in a classical structure and all cultures integrate her way of understanding the body which is equipped with infinite intelligence .Marie Chouinard's building blocks are as much the flesh, the bones and the muscles that have instinct and vital beats of the human body of the dancer where she exposes their intimate connection."

"Celebrating the human body and the life that surrounds her, Marie Chouinard ...with her collaborators, orchestrates an ensemble in such a manner that her dance reveals in space , through vigorous and incandescent movement, a world of primal light, coded sounds and protean forms".

24 Preludes by Chopin presented a varied sequence of movements, each in an integrated complex pattern . The precision of the dancing is perfect, as is the immense variety of intertwining individual performances.

A World to Shout is a new work by Louis Dufort. This evening is a World Premiere. The sounds, music and the style of choreography are admirably suited to each other. It is a privilege to witness such exciting new work.

While the Compagnie Marie Chouinard performs on a bare stage in a minimum of costume (black shorts or short leggings), the makeup by Jacques Lee - Pelletier, and lighting by Axel Morgenthaler are spectacular. It is impossible to describe the complexity, versatility and brilliance of the lighting.

This is an outstanding evening which all the enthusiastic audience appreciated, and expressed its congratulation to the company with an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Dancing on the Edge 2000 Festival runs until July 15 with performances at the Firehall Theatre. Ticket prices and performance details are available at The Firehall Arts Centre, 604-689 - 0926.--Jane Penistan