Carousel Theatre Company presents
A Christmas Carol: The Musical

By Mavor Moore adapted from the Charles Dickens novel

at the Waterfront Theatre until December 23rd

Tickets: (604) 685-6217


by Alexandra Farolan

A Christmas Carol, written and composed by Mavor Moore in 1988 especially for Carousel Theatre, is revived at Granville Island, in this, their 26th season. This treasured classic is uniquely dramatised musically through talented actors and actresses.

Ebenezer Scrooge [Bernard Cuffling], an impatient greedy man, changes dramatically from an old grouch known as 'bah-humbug' every Christmas to a loving, giving guy. Marley [Zain Meghji], Scrooge's dead business partner, decides to pay him a visit on Christmas Eve, warning him of his fate and Tiny Tim's [Kevin Whitmarsh] fate if Scrooge doesn't change his nasty ways. The 3 spirits of past [Katherine Deane], present [Michael Walker], and future [Liam Axe] change Scrooge's attitude and I guess you know the rest..

My favorite part in this musical is obviously the end when Scrooge becomes a good guy and everyone lives happily ever after. But the reason I like it even more in this rendition is because Bernard Cuffling really does act like a real, changed Scrooge. During all the time he was being visited by the three spririts, I could see Scrooge's emotions all over his face.

Alyssia Tang, the young actress in this production played five parts [Betsy Cratchit, Nell, Dora, Sprite, Miner]. I found her quite talented, and she's only 9. The parts I most remember are definitely the ones played by Michael Walker [spirit present, Mr. Fezziwig, Jack]. His booming voice I will never forget, plus the cool disappearing act he pulled as the spirit of the present. I think that part made some people jump out of their seats in surprise.

Kevin Whitmarsh's [Tiny Tim, Boy Scrooge] singing voice I wouldn't forget either. His solos were superb! And last, but not least, my other favorite characters were Fred and Marley both played by Zain Megjhi. To me, those characters were the most whimsical of all--as Scrooge's nephew never giving up to spread the joy of Christmas, and as Marley, Scrooge's dead business partner with his ghoulish acts that made the audience laugh.

The other wonderful characters of the play are Bob Cratchit, young Ebenezer [Jacques Lalonde], Mrs. Dobbs, [Juno Ruddell], Billy Cratchit, Christmas Future [Liam Axe], Belinda Cratchit, Christmas past [Katherine Deane], Belle-Scrooge's ex-fiance [Cailin Stadnyk], and Mrs. Cratchit [Sarah Louise Turner].