Festival Vancouver

Transformations: Hear My Prayer Christ Church Cathedral

August 1st 2000

Different anthems from three centuries , sung by different choirs made a fascinating musical experience. Henry Purcell's Hear My Prayer from 1680 - 11682 was the original concept for the recital . Three works were commissioned from contemporary Canadian composers, on this theme for the 21st century while a work by Swedish composer, Sven-David Sandstrom represented the 20th century.

Musica Intima sang the Purcell composition to open and close the recital. The Phoenix Chamber Choir's rendering of Jacques Hetu 's compositon of Hear my Prayer was conducted by Ramona Luengren, and then followed by the Vancouver Chamber Choir who sang the next two variations, by Bob Chilcot and Sven-David Sandstrom. The final variation was by Tobin Stokes and sung by the Elektra Women's Choir under the direction of Morna Edmundson.

In all the compositions the emotion of the verse of Psalm 102 was realized in the intensity of the music. Christ Church Cathedral was the ideal setting for this beautiful theme and variations and Festival Vancouver is to be congratulated on bringing these together with such magnificent choirs.--Jane Penistan.