Hoarse Raven Theatre's presentation of Tony n' Tina's wedding, continues to thrill and excite Vancouver audiences for its second straight year as the city's runaway smash hit.

The wedding begins at St. Andrew's Wesley Church and from the moment you enter its obvious that this is not going to be a typical night out on the town. This is an interactive comedy in which cast members strategically place themselves throughout the crowd to entertain. Once the family members arrive the chaos ensues as this attempt at a traditional wedding goes off in an outrageous comic display of antics, mistakes and family feuds.

The party then concludes at Chardonnay's Restaurant, but not until the entire cast and guests parade down Burrard Street entertaining (or annoying) all motorists along the way. The reception includes a full course dinner complete with Vegas style performers. The dinner is wonderful, but try as you may it is difficult to enjoy because all around you there are arguments, accidents and drunken displays of behaviour.

The appeal of this comedy is the realization that anything that could possibly go wrong in a wedding will inevitably go wrong. From ex-lovers to dysfunctional family members everyone will find a character which they can associate themselves with.

Throughout this production you must keep your eyes and ears open at all times as the hilarious tale of one family's attempt to attend a wedding unravels itself all around you. (You need to see it twice to catch all the action). This was the most fun I've had at any wedding. So, come prepared to enjoy an evening of wonderful food and entertainment.-- Blanka Boschnak, February 6/97