by Violetta Lapinski

Rosario Ancer Flamenco Arts Company
Norman Rothstein Theatre (Vancouver)
November 6, 8 and 9

Flamenco is the voice of Spain’s soul. Like a heavy stone, Spain’s sorrow and anguish are reflected through the mediums of dance, song and music. Pulling from its ancestral roots in Andalusia, Flamenco is a complex crossfire of many art forms including Muslim, Gypsy, East Indian and Jewish.

In Raices Flamencas, Rosario Ancer’s Flamenco Arts Company introduces the audience to the mysticism of Kathak dance and Sephardic chant, intricately weaving through passages of time amongst layers of Flamenco. The northern Indian dance style and the Jewish style of song symmetrize Flamenco, displaying 12-beat cycles, vibrant footwork, graceful hand and arm gestures, all accompanied by the melancholic lamenting of the cantor combined with the fiery passion of Flamenco.

Manjaree Khare mesmerizes the audience with her graceful Khatak dancing. The combined musical talents of Andre Thibault, Victor Kolstee, Jose “Pepe” Danza, Adel Awad and Vic Venu create hauntingly lyrical Indian music and fervent rhythmic flamenco with ease and brilliance. The strong and soulful singing by Steve Levin and Jose Luis Lara brought emotions trembling to the surface. Stirring flamenco and belly dancing by Melanie Maclellan, Laureen Mikki, Sherry Moutal and Carmen Rivas created excitement and the urge to jump up on stage! A myriad blend of dance styles, bright and colourful costumes, Spanish guitar and Indian sitar, innovative drumming and powerful singing breathes life onto this stage. Ole!