Unforgettable, Off the Cuff Production's musical rendition of Nat King Cole's life and times, was a truly unforgettable experience. There was nothing fancy in the production: it was a simple and nostalgic rendering of Nat King Cole's music with songs like Mona Lisa, Smile, Christmas Song, Too Young, Autumn Leaves,Rainy Day and of course, Unforgettable.

Wonderfully executed by Densil Pinnock of Montreal, his mannerisms, voice, dress and "cool Cole" rendition of the songs reflected the real Nat King Cole. Pinnock indeed is the perfect choice for th role.

I was in my early teens when I started appreciating Nat King Cole in the late fifties. Hearing Pinnock was like living in the past again, listening those songs that touched my heart in my youth. I am certain the Filipinos of my generation will appreciate these songs that will remain with us forever because of their universality.

Kudos to the producers of the show, particularly its director Richard Ouzounian whose technique of using a montage of history,culture against a background of Nat King Cole's life and music was articulately executed; and also the excellent teamwork of the ensemble who gave great support to Pinnock. Their vocal rendition of Unforgettable to open and close the show was magnificent.

I would have wanted to hear more of Nat's favourites such as Pretend and more of the Spanish songs such as Anoche, Noche de Ronda, Quizas, Aguellos ojos verdes but I'm sure they'll be incorporated when this show is brought to Latin America.

Negotiations are under way for performances in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Japan and England. --EF