by Alexandra Farolan

My eyes flashed with excitement as I gazed around Science World . Music rooms, 3D shows, cool exhibitions, and lots more! As I looked around the first floor, I saw cool clown masks that looked inside out. But if you cover one of your eyes, they look solid!

There was other stuff too such as computers with Internet newspaper reports, and games for little kids.

When I stepped into the second floor, I went inside this cool room where your shadow gets plastered on a wall, and you can see an apple close to you, but you can't touch it. Also there's this cool mirror thing where you can match faces with a friend.

After that, I went into this sound room where you can make your own music and play a huge piano with your feet!!! That was an awesome room.

Then there was this cool exhibition with huge robot bugs that looked real, and stuff about insects.

After this scary exhibition, I saw an Alcan Omnimax movie called Super Speedway. That was an awesome show because when the drivers in the race cars crashed, it seemed we were crashing with them except we didn't feel it!

Then the last thing I saw was a 3D show called "The Illuminated Brain". Most of the pictures I just wanted to touch because they seemed so close with my 3D glasses on.

Science World is one of the coolest places I've been to that has to do with school. I guarantee you that if you come to Science World, you will experience all the cool stuff I saw, felt and heard.

I recommend this place for all ages because, young or old, I'm positive you'll have fun.

(Alexandra is a Grade 5 student at Immaculate Conception School in Delta. She has recently published her first poem, Time, in an Anthology of young poets.)