Kidsummer: July 1997

KIDSUMMER- June/July 1997

by Alexandra Farolan

June 30.Mini-Golf at Van Berg's Family Fun Centre

Number 73! Finally! After waiting almost an hour for our number for our clubs! (You know, the ones for mini golf?) Hmmmm...... 18 holes. Just like any other mini golf course. The first one was pretty easy. I got three shots till I got the ball in. This golf course had the casual stuff like animals and windmills. I think mini golf is a great way to spend some time with your family.

July 3. CN IMAX Theatre

The CN IMAX is cool, right? Well I think it is! It was the next Kidsummer place I went to. We (my family and I) watched this cute thirty- minute show called "Beavers". It was about beavers building dams, and how they survive, and stuff like that. I think it was very educational, and I recommend the CN IMAX for anyone especially for kids because they can learn a lot. So don't miss your chance!

July 9. Playland

Woo-hoo! That was a cool ride.(I went on the "Octopus")! It really gets you dizzy! The "Wild Mouse" was cool, too! It was short but lots of fun. It feels like you're going to fall off but you don't! Playland is probably the best amusement park I've ever been to. It has lots of other cool rides, too. Like "Dragon", "The Corkscrew", "Tilt~A~Ride", "Rainbow", bumper cars, a carousel, and so much more awesome rides!

July 13. Stardust Skating Centre

"If you wannabe my lover..." That was one of the songs playing at Stardust. I had a great time there. The food was good, too. It was neat when my brother and I were trying to teach our parents to rollerskate! (Ha, ha, ha. It was funny,too)! Anyway the roller skating is another nice "family sport" kinda thing. I had lots of fun with my family and I bet you would, too!

July 16. Go-Kart Day.

Weeee! Boy, that was fun! My family and I went to Meadows Amusement Park at Pitt Meadows. Another fun~filled Kidsummer activity)! Oh, no! My brother was speeding! Ha, ha ,ha! That racing track was long and had a little bridge. That was an exciting day!

July 23. "The Lookout" at Harbour Centre

Whoa! We were pretty high from the ground.(We were in the glass elevator going up to the revolving tower). Or "The Lookout". It's really a beautiful view of the city. There was also facts about places like Paris. That was such a cool day!

(Alexandra is going to be in Grade 6 this September at the Immaculate Conception School in North Delta.)