Two Weeks with the Queen

at the Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island

Two Weeks with the Queen follows the adventure of Colin (Robin Mossley) as he tries desperately to save his brother's life, Alistair (Sanders Whiting). Alistair is diagnosed with cancer and his older brother tries to enlist the help of the Queen to find the best doctor and cure.

This play demonstrates to us the world as seen by a child. From poking fun at Australian and English stereotypes, homophobia, or the fear of death, we are reminded that as adults we sometimes take things too seriously and give up hope a bit to soon.

The actors were spectacular in their ability to play out multiple roles with such conviction and versatility. The direction was fabulous (Elizabeth Ball/Susan Lehmann), from the use of the stage and transitions, through to the plot development. This play takes you on a hilarious and emotional journey exploring moral issues and views on life. The Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island, tickets and information at 685-6217.--Blanka Boschnak, February 10, 1997