Canada 2019. dir. Jon Silverberg. 87 mins.

Available on DVD, Bluray and other formats. Red Castle Films

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This is a film about survival and isolation. On an island in the Pacific Northwest, a junkie photojournalist's disturbing future is revealed to him through the images he shoots. It´s a psychological thriller because when you´re in the woods isolated from civilization, things can go weird especially if you´re a junkie.

I asked Jon Silverberg what inspired him to write and direct this film. He said: "I love filmmaking and always wanted to write-direct a feature. I used to shoot and develop my own photos in the darkroom with my dad when I was a kid, which inspired the motif in this film. I also grew up playing in the woods of Vancouver Island, and spent some time shooting in remote areas around the Pacific Northwest - and I often find that my writing takes me back to these places. I’m definitely drawn to stories of isolation and survival."

It´s a film worth watching, especially for Canadians so we can support Canadian filmmakers.

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