USA, 2018. dir. Bill Oliver, 95 mins.

Distributor: Well Go USA Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

For those who enjoy films like Psycho, Three Faces of Eve, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you ought to like this psychological sci-fi.

Well Go USA Entertainment has just announced that JONATHAN, starring Ansel Elgort as Jonathan,  will become available in Canada on DVD and Blu-ray Combo on January 22nd, 2019. The film, which premiered at Tribeca and the LA Film Festival in 2018.

The film explores the life of an individual with two identities; each functional for 12 hours each day. They communicate via recorded video messages. There´s a flaw in this film, and it was mentioned in the film when Jonathan says he´s always tired. Well, who wouldn´t if you´re on the move 24 hours a day?

I suppose this film is a growth from those horror thrillers of yore, the difference being that high tech has come into the picture, with chips inserted in the brain to programme the two personalities of Jonathan.

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