Second Act

USA, 2018. dir. Peter Segal. 103 mins.

Distributor: Elevation Pictures

Dates and Venues Opens December 21, 2018 Various Select Cinemas

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This is the typical JLo film where an ambitious poor girl gets either a rich guy to marry (Maid in Manhattan) or gets rich herself (the latter is the topic in this film). In this film, a store worker (Jennifer Lopez) reinvents her life and her life-story, with the help of her best friend´s nerdy son, and ends up being a highly-paid consultant in a Beauty Product firm in New York.

This is an enjoyable rom-com but I found too many sub-plots, ie, her long-lost daughter, her romantic affair with a man appearing to be half her age, her starting up her own business, all of which obfuscate the main focus of the film.As the adage goes,"Too many cooks spoil the broth". . I think there should have been less sub-plots so as not to muddle the main plot.

There should perhaps be a sequel to this film (Third Act?) to tie up the loose ends so we'll know what'll happen to her daughter, her company, her girl friends and her love life.

© 2018 Ed Farolan