I Am Woman

Australia 2019. dir. Unjoo Moon. 116 mins.

Available September 11 on demand and digital

Distributor: Quiver Distribution

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Excellent film! Got very good reviews. The film is named after Reddy's most famous song, which became a feminist anthem during the rise of the women's movement in the 1970s. It follows Australian singer Helen Reddy from her arrival in New York in 1966, through her friendship with legendary rock writer Lillian Roxon and her troubled marriage to manager Jeff Wald.

Australian director Moon met Reddy at a G'Day Australia event in Los Angeles in 2013 and decided to do a biopic film about her personal story, which was so entwined with the women's rights movement.

Australian actress Tilda Cobham-Hervey did a great job playing Helen Reddy. I still remember how Reddy's songs were popular in the 1980s, especially "I Am Woman" and "You and Me against the World".

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