Good Boys

USA 2019. dir. Gene Stupnitsky. 89 mins.

Available November 12 on Digital and on 4K Ultra HD, "Blu-Ray" and DVD

Distributor: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This coming-of-age film is quite entertaining. It´s about three friends in Grade Six who call themselves the Bean Bag Boys, learning about sex, drugs and other pre-teen stuff.

The majority of critics gave 3 out of 4 which was pretty good. Despite the foul language (no wonder it´s R-rated), it´s an entertaining film. I´d give it 3.5 out of 4. It also made quite a hit in box office sales.

Seth Rogen´s Point Grey Productions, a Canadian outfit, produced this comedic movie and I think they did a good job. The youth and naïveté of its protagonists are exhilarating. Being "Superbad" at this age is funny, and these young actors Jacob Tremblay, Keith Williams, and Brady Noon delivered their roles quite convincingly, especially from the "innocent" perspective.

The DVD will be released soon and I highly recommend it.

© 2019 Ed Farolan