Downton Abbey

UK/USA 2019. dir. Michael Engler. 122 mins.

Available December 17 on Blu-Ray

Distributor: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This movie is a  historical period drama film written by Julian Fellowes, creator and writer of the television series of the same name. The film, set in 1927, depicts a visit by the King George V and his Queen to the Crawley family's English country house in the Yorkshire countryside. There are comedic moments, for example,when the servants are pitted against the royal entourage, including the Queen's Lady-in-waiting who has fallen out with the Crawleys, especially the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), over an inheritance issue.

Other social issues are depicted in the film: homosexuality, and how it was considred a taboo at that time; and the class issue, especially in the case of Lucy (Tuppence Middleton), the servant, who had to dance outside with the aristocrat Branson (Allen Leech) because servants and aristocrats were not allowed to mix.

The film and the TV series have had fairly good reviews. The TV series ended in 2015 with 52 episodes.

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