Cut Throat City

USA 2020. dir. Robert F. Diggs aka RZA. 123 mins.

Available on DVD and Bluray. Well Go USA Entertainment

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This is an impressive third feature from musician-record producer RZA, about four young Black men in New Orleans who become armed robbers. It´s based from a screenplay by Paul Cuschieri and stars Blink (Shameik Moore), a drug dealer and aspiring comic book artist struggling to make ends meet.

The action takes place in New Orleans a year after Hurricane Katrina, and it portrays that the disaster was bungled up by every level of government, and treated by corporations and real estate companies as a pretext to gentrify the city and drive out as many poor Black people as possible.

The web of corruption involves city councilman Jackson Symms (Ethan Hawke), a dirty cop (Rob Morgan) and a gangland boss known as “The Saint” (Terrence Howard).

Interesting film. I´d call it a contemporary film noir.

© 2020 Ed Farolan