52 Words for Love

Canada 2018. dirs. James Blokland and Andrea Moodie, 95 mins.

Date and Venue 14 Feb @itunes

Distributor: Propinquity Pictures

Reviewer Ed Farolan

For those who want to find out what love is all about, here's a film opening on Valentine's Day describing love in 52 words. When Alice sets out to post one synonym for love every week for a year, she inadvertently sends a gentle ripple through her social network and discovers more about relationships than she imagined. Combining doc interviews with narrative drama, this film is somewhat of a cross between a reality show and a documentary.

Love is a complicated thing, as everyone knows, and this film explores the different complexities of love, from a normal man/woman relationship, to homosexuality, to fraternal/sisterly love, and the love between parents and children.

With the kind of films we have these days, combining all sorts of social media in the internet, the film explores not only this type of technology but how social media influences relationships. It's something different from the violence, horror and Marvel box office hits we see in commercial theatres.

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