An Interview with Yu Xin

Interviewer Ross Michael Pink

Chinese ballet dancer, Yu Xin

Accomplished Chinese ballet star YU XIN has come full circle from his classical training in Beijing to the classrooms of Ballet San Jose where he instructs new generations on the timeless artistry of classical dance.

Yu Xin is a rare dancer who combines soaring elegance with great strength. His movements are crisp, defined and graceful.

Born in the illustrious city of Shanghai, Yu Xin was plucked from a school line-up at the age of eleven by visiting dance luminaries and selected for a career in dance.

"When they came to the school, the teachers gathered the students together. They studied our faces and movement. Sometime later there was an audition for 1000 students from all over Shanghai. There were six competitions and after each one, only one or two students were selected. I was one of five who made it through" recalls Yu Xin.

After rigorous classical and chinese traditional dance training at the famed Beijing Dance Academy, Yu Xin landed a position with the Shanghai Ballet where he became a principal dancer.

A chance encounter with Francia Russell, artistic director of the Seattle based Pacific Northwest Ballet led to a successful career with PNB from 1991-1996. "I learned a great deal about the ballet of Ballenchine, about modern ballet and danced in the Ballet Opera Carmina Burana which was a great experience," remembers Yu Xin.

For Yu Xin, the pinnacle of his career came when he joined the acclaimed American Ballet Theatre, where he danced major roles from 1996-2002.
"Joining ABT was my dream. I performed at the Metropolitan Opera House, the Lincoln Center and traveled the world. My favorite role was as a cowboy in the ballet, Rodeo."

As Yu Xin transforms his career, the role of teacher emerged with the notable Ballet San Jose. It is a classical company which fits well with his passion and early training.

"I teach young students and people into their eighties and also do classes for the ballet
company itself. My career is to keep creating and challenging" says Yu Xin with enthusiasm.

For the dance world, the beauty of Yu Xin's dance is fortunately being passed onto new generations.

© 2006 Ross Michael Pink