Ballet BC
Songs of a Wayfarer + other works

Dates and Venue 18 - 20 November 2010, 8pm | Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Reviewer Michael Pink

After a challenging couple of years for Ballet BC, the company came back to triumph in its full season opener Thursday night before a full house at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. Under the sure and creative hand of artistic director Emily Molnar, BBC presented an evening of dynamic and fresh dance that drew upon the collective talents of the AD herself, Emily Molnar, Kevin O'Day and Jose Navas.

The first piece, Songs of a Wayfarer, featured the music of the always enchanting Gustav Mahler and the bouyant choreography of Molnar.

This is a work that draws upon the themes of nature, love and the constantly interesting topic of human nature.

Standouts in the work included Makaila Wallace who moves with poise and delicacy and the rising new BBC ballet star, Gilbert Small, who is energetic and forceful.

An evocative set design was crafted by Scott Reid.

The second work of the evening, Face to Face, was choreographed by Kevin O'Day
and guided by the music of Kevin King.

This is a more exciting piece that involved excellent coordination and symmetry between the dancers: Maggie Forgeron, Alexis Fletccher, Donald Sales, Gilbet Small and Peter Smida all of whom moved with vibrant energy.

The only drawback to the work was the at times heavy handed and loud music score which seemed to over- shadow the dance and dancers.

The final piece was: The bliss that from their limbs all movement takes.

The work was a world premier by talented Venezuelan choreographer Jose Navas and featured the music of Philipp Glass and the illustrious Ravi Shankar.

The work involved participation from the entire BBC ensemble who displayed excellent technique and fluid, graceful motion.

Navas has noted that collaboration is an important aspect of his creative process and this point also symbolizes a new BBC that appears inventive and open to new artistic expression with the best of the ballet world.

© 2010 Michael Pink