Dates and Venue 27 & 28 September 2013 | Vancouver Playhouse

Concept and Choreography Stephen Petronio Music Nick Cave Music Producer Toney Cohen

The Dancers Julian DeLeon, Davalois Fearon, Josh D Green, Gino Grenek, Barrington Hinds, Natalie Mackessy, Jacqlin Medlock, Nicholas Sciscione, Melissa Toogood and Joshua Tuason

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

Dramatic lines of white energy dance over 3 black screens, our first vision of a successful performance by Stephen Petronio is about to begin. We are peering through the window of our emotional sub conscience, the Underland. If you are a conceptual thinker and have a passion for the abstract then Underland is the performance for you. The soul stirring music by Nick Cave stays with me as I leave the theatre. Nick’s voice reminds me so much of Leonard Cohen’s. Although the music is wonderful some patrons may be shocked by the lyrics to one of Nick’s songs that repeats “mother F” and other crude words. It must be understood that this is a part of the passion of the work. The dancers show great passion in their performance. Davalois Fearon in particular has a dynamic charismatic impact on stage.

On the triptych screens we see visions of war, fire, bombs, dying and depression. Who knows what forces occupy our subconscious minds. I felt like I was in some kind of bizarre dream that I couldn’t wake up from as it leaps from war to suicide to death and then to Jesus Christ and that death is not the answer. This is fine work at playing with the Underland and being able to present it in creative and poignant dance.

With much applause Petronio and his dancers take many bows before leaving the stage. Exiting from the beautiful ambience of the Vancouver Playhouse and the vision of a smiling, thought provoking choreography with his dancers on stage we follow the crowd from the theatre.

Underland is a passionate, sexy, poignant and successful production that you must find the opportunity to see if you are a lover of modern dance.

© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon