Toronto Dance Theatre

Dates: 13 - 16 October 2004
Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver

Reviewer: Ross Michael Pink




Dance sequence from 'Sly Verb'

The appearance of the Toronto Dance Theatre at the Roundhouse was an interesting step forward in the evolving world of experimental dance.

TDT, under the leadership of artistic director, Christopher House, is an energetic dance company that redefines dance and movement and the image of the dancer. These are heady goals but ones that TDT is always pursuing.

House has been the artistic director of the company since 1994.He is a respected national choreographer who has worked and studied in Ottawa, New York, Montreal and Rotterdam.



House has contributed over fifty works to the company including Vena Cava, Four Towers and Persephone's Lunch. One of his most recent works is, Sly Verb.

Sly Verb is a work that confronts the audience with new dance realities. Traditional ballet is perhaps more beautiful to watch yet it rarely challenges the audience, it is predictable.

This will never be said of TDT.

Sly Verb is about perception, the human gaze and flesh. The work was inspired by Deane Juhan's text, Job's Body and David Abram's , The Spell of the Sensuous.

The dancers are powerful and capable of expressing complex and moving emotions. Particular standouts include: Mathew Waldie, Jessica Runge, William Yong, Sean Ling, Kristy Kennedy and Brenda Little.

2004, Ross Michael Pink