Centro Flamenco
25th Anniversary Celebration: La Cosecha

Date and Venue June 20, 2015 at 8pm | Vancouver Playhouse (Hamilton & Dunsmuir)

Director/Guitarist Victor Kolstee Choreography Leonor Leal (Sevilla), Marien Luevano (Madrid), Rosario Ancer, Veronica Stewart, Afifa Lahbabi and Sula Boxall Cast Singer Jafelin and Percussionist Davide Sampaolo Dancers from Centro Flamenco and special guest from Flamenco Rosario Professional Training Program

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

It’s a warm Saturday night and Flamenco at the Vancouver Playhouse. The costumes are beautiful, bright and romantic. The site of long flowing dresses, in reds, blues, fuchsias and greens is breath taking.

The dancers are of all ages from children to seniors. It is wonderful to see the ages mesh together for the joy of dance.

Swirling shawls of elegant lace, in reds, blues, greens and black increased the sense of movement in this rhythmic Spanish dancing. When white fans flash through the air with these beautiful dresses the dance looks impressive.

I have only seen Flamenco on the wide screen so as I listen to guitar, foot tapping, hand clapping, castanet’s and the call of “ Olé!” I want to jump out of my seat and dance in the isle.

I realize that these people are from a training program but sometimes when one student just isn’t meant to be a dancer it would be best to be honest with her rather than put her on stage to embarrass herself as well as spoil the visual for the entire cast. When 10 dancers are on stage and one cannot keep up and is out of sequence that is all the audience focuses on. Two dancers should have been audience members and save their dancing for the class room where they can dance their hearts out since they love to dance.

The singer Jafelin, with a wonderful voice, Percussionist Sampaolo and Guitarist/Director Kolstee compliment the dancers with their rousing Spanish accompaniment.

As I leave the Vancouver Playhouse I keep seeing flashes of color and hear the sound of tapping feet and castanets.

© 2015 Karen Fitzgibbon