xFirehall Arts Centre
Out/Inner/Space Dance Theatre (Vancouver)
Major Motion Picture

Dates and Venue October 12 - 15, 2016 at 8pm | Firehall Arts Centre, 280 E. Cordova

Reviewer Nancie Ottem

A dancer stands at a mike to the side of the dance floor, speaking phrases: This Is for You, This Is Good. The dancer keeps speaking in a slow rhythmic voice, varying the sentences, using the same words, forcing attention into the moment. The light pinpoints onto the torso of the dancer, then the face, then fades to black. All is darkness, an uncomfortable darkness.

Major Motion Picture triggers many emotions throughout the course of the performance. Unease, confusion, laughter, curiosity and awe come to mind when rethinking the evening. Major Motion Picture requires a high degree of collaboration and cooperation between dancers, lighting technicians, sound technicians and video operators in order for the choreography to flow. Major Motion Picture pushes at the envelope of performance dance, invoking earlier technology in its video portions, nudging memories of past films with its music and giving a nod to differing genres in film and dance such as film noir, street dance and mime.

It is an ambitious collaboration of art, influencing art, influencing art, reaching into the past to find inspiration. It taunts with angry beastlike sounds, a desperate wrestling sequence that is compelling and the phrase, “Keep Them in the Dark.” It teases out humour during a coat sequence and loops the audience into the dialogue of the piece by video. The tight dance formations are exceptional. Out Innerspace Dance Theatre leaves a deep impression with Major Motion Picture.

© 2016 Nancie Ottem