Dates and Venue 16 – 19 December 2010 at 7:30pm and 18 & 19 December at 2pm | The Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts

Reviewer/Interviewer Michael Pink

Competition for the finest Nutcracker Ballet just got more interesting with another stellar performance by the Goh Ballet Academy. The Goh Ballet Academy, led by brilliant former dancers Choo Chiat and Lin Yee Goh, have assembled one of the top performing dance schools in North America. Thier daughter, Chan Hon Goh, the illustrious former principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada has joined the GBA to serve as the executive producer of the Nutcracker.

The year 2010 marks the second year the GBA has staged The Nutcracker and were joined in this wonderful artistic endeavor by Anna Marie Holmes,  the former Artistic Director of Boston Ballet. Holmes had a remarkable dance career in her own right including performances with the Kirov Ballet. Her staging of 'Le Corsaire' for American Ballet Theatre appeared on the PBS program, 'Great Performances' and won an Emmy Award.

Contributing to the magnificent performance were National Ballet of Canada dancers Sonia Rodrigues, ( Sugar Plum Fairy) a principal dancer with NBC and Piotr Stancyuk, ( Cavalier Prince) also a principal dancer with the company as well as Marsa Vinson, ( Sugar Plum Fairy) a former principal dancer with NBC. These experienced and graceful dancers added an artistic glow to the performance.

The Goh Ballet has trained two generations of dancers who perform the world over. It is always exciting to see the emergence of new talent in the GBA company. Dancers Tyler Carver and Danielle Gould, both 17, show fine artistry and graceful stage presence. Their dance future looks bright. Another talented artist is Ken Guan who has been with the Goh Ballet Academy for many years as a student, teacher and performer.

A successful, artistic performance is truly a collaboration between many artists: dancer, musician, costume and set designers, choreographer any many others. The Goh Ballet Academy has mastered The Nutcracker ballet with elan and demonstrated the beauty of fine artistic collaboration.


An Interview with Danielle Gould and Tyler Carver of Goh Ballet

Danielle Gould is a rising new star with the accomplished Goh Ballet Academy led by Choo Chiat and Lin Yee Goh. In the upcoming performance of the Nutcracker, she will perform the role of the Snow Queen.

MP: Tell us about your start in dance.
DG: Actually, I started dance classes when I was only three years old. It was fun and I loved to dance. At the age of five, I did the ISTD classes and took the Royal Academy of Dance exams when I was 14 and did all the levels.

MP: What was a significant event in your early training?
DG: In grade eight, I went to the National Ballet of Canada school in Toronto.
It was difficult being away from home but the training was great. I remember watching Chan Hon Goh in a few performances because she was a principle dancer then with the National Ballet.

MP: What is it like to be at the Goh Ballet?
DG: My first year with the Goh ballet was amazing. It is a brilliant atmosphere. There is something magical about the the Goh Ballet. In my first year we went on a tour to China, to five cities.

MP: Tell us about your training today.
DG: Mr.Goh teaches us alot of details. Chan Hon Goh coaches on many aspects of dance. She knows all the roles and expressions.

MP:You are about to graduate from high school and the Goh Ballet school. What are your next steps.
DG: Ever since I was three, I loved dance. When I was older, I got to perform and loved being on stage and also working for the roles. In 2011, I will start to audition for various companies, in Canada and the U.S.A.

Tyler Carver started dance training with the Goh Ballet Academy at the age of twelve.
In 2009, he danced the Nutcracker role. In the upcoming December performance, he will perform the Snow King role and also the Nutcracker role.

MP: How did you get into dance?
TC: I started at twelve. I used to go after my soccer games to the Goh Ballet to wait
for my sister. One day I was waiting and Mr. Goh came along and asked me try a class.
I did. It was okay and he asked me to take another class the following week which I did.
I remember having a terrible and muddy soccer game and coming to the Goh Ballet for the next class. It made me feel better.

MP: Tell us about your dance training.
TC: At 14, I started to get serious about dance. I would do a half day of school then a half day of dance. As it got more intense, it got more challenging. The training is hard but good.

MP: What was your first public performance like?
TC: When I was thirteen, I did a year end show for the Goh Ballet.
The lights were in my face, the crowd was huge. It was terrifying but magical.
It felt great to perform in front of people.

MP: What are your next steps?
TC: In 2011, I graduate and will start auditions. I'm open to working in Canada, Europe and the USA

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