xBallet BC

Program 2

Dates and Venue March 16-18, 2017, 8pm | Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

Amazing talent shines in PROGRAM2 Ballet with complex movements of modern industrial dance. The choreography is refreshing, intricate and meshes with overlapping sounds of industry and music. The low sound of drums emphasized each movement and then there is voice overlapping the music.

I took a friend with me tonight who is well studied in ballet and she was impressed by the unique
choreography, sound and staging. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a ballet and tonight’s performance is well worth that wait.

It is a break-a-way from classical movements with the introduction of modern mechanical movements and modern mechanical sounds. The mechanical sounds in the first performance of the evening were eally powerful. I think my chair was vibrating for a while as well as my teeth. The sound effects overlapping the music are absolutely brilliant.

The dancers are simply overflowing with great timing, confidence. and agility. They are so physically fit that it makes me want to start yoga in the morning.

It is a packed house and as the evening comes to a close, the performers are greeted with a standing ovation in appreciation for beautiful dance, hard work, and for the sweat and long hours that went into creating the Program2 presentation. It is good that there is more than one intermission. It gives us old fogies a chance to be able to stretch our legs. I’ve forgotten how comfortable the chairs are in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

It takes genius to marry the sound, stage and choreography as was accomplished tonight. This is modern ballet at its best. What a wonderful way to start Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration.

.© 2017 Karen Fitzgibbon