Karima EssaDance Allsorts
Bhangra/Bollywood with South Asian Arts

Date and Venue 31 March 2013, 2pm – 3pm | Roundhouse Community Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews

Reviewer Ed Farolan

The arts of South Asia are rich in culture. Music and dance went hand in hand to recreate the rituals of Punjab ancestors, keeping its farmers' culture and tradition alive through disciplined art.

South Asian Arts presented a dazzling presentation of Bhangra, the traditional farmers' harvest celebration together with Bollywood dance, starting off with a solo performance by Karima Essa who went around the auditorium communcating with the audience with her movements. Following this was a grouo of teenagers doing a modern rendition of bollywood rap and modern dance mixed with elements of nakra (attitude).

We were also given a lesson of Bhangra where we waved and jumped with the Desi dancers who compete in the United States with other Bhangra groups. They had taditional props that were used to complement ther energetic dance. has dazzled the bhangra and Bollywood world over the years. Fresh and energetic, this performance was a crowd pleaser.

Questons on costumes and others were asked by the audience after the show.

© 2013 Ed Farolan