Photo: Lamondance



Soul Searching

When & Where May 31 & June 1, 2024, 7:30pm | Blueshore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts at Capilano University

Artistic Director Davi Rodrigues Lighting Design Brad Trenaman Choreographers Wen Wei Wang, Alysa Pires, EowynnEnquist, IsakEnquist, Sydney Chuckas, Cai Glover, Margarida Macieira and Davi Rodrigues

Reviewer Nancie Ottem

Lamondance knocked Soul Searching out of the park on Friday night. Soul Searching is an innovative program incorporating choreographers who bring a wide range of experience in the dance world with the Training program at Lamondance to create an evening of exhilarating dance.

From the haunting, poetic, balletic piece of Wen Wei Wang’s smoke infused Crave and the humour in Alysa Pires’s Tidal to the final offering of the evening, Davi Rodrigues’s title piece Soul Searching the dancers held the audience. One could hear a pin drop in the final solo dance sequence of 3 Frames of Worry such was the complete absorption of the audience in the movements on stage.

Soul Searching is inspired by themes that have consumed the world since the pandemic. Indeed, we talk about pre-pandemic life as a time to look back on with disbelief that our inner selves have had to recalibrate to such a degree. Rodrigues has suggested these themes as a template for the guest choreographers to use as a starting point for their creations.

The dancers performed each of the seven pieces in the program with an intensity and commitment to their movements that heightened their communication with the audience. Especially mesmerizing were the choreographed sequences where the movement of the group of dancers were synchronized. It was riveting to watch the dancers move through the complicated sequences of body twists in complete sync with each other.

The lighting design of Brad Trenaman enhanced the mood and impact of each piece while the diverse range of music added another layer of enjoyment to the evening. What We Carry With Us, choreographed by Eowynn and IsakEnquist with its use of pillows and hypnotic movement, energetic Us Souls by Sydney Chuckas and Never Landing Moment a piece that explores the essence of living in constant paradox by Margarida Macieira complete the program.

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